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Our Team

Anne Mayfield, MBA

Founder & President

Anne is an active president: hiring, overseeing, vetting and managing all employee consulting efforts, while simultaneously managing and counseling senior management of client companies. Anne also reviews all market research results on behalf of all Mayfield Consulting clients, and oversees the design of marketing and sales strategy. Recently, Anne was recognized for her talents in helping a $20 million privately held security company increase their annual revenue from 10% to 60% annually, allowing them to achieve a ranking on Inc.’s List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. for three years in a row.

Anne received her MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration (1978) and a BA in Economics from Duke University (1972), completing a four year curriculum in three years. She also was a Senior Consultant for Arthur D. Little from 1979 to 1987 and a Marketing Representative with IBM from 1972-1976. Since 1994, she has served as President or Chair of the Charlotte Harvard Business School Alumni Association, while also serving as Director of their Management Development Program (MDP). Through the MDP, a 13-week mini-MBA program taught by HBS volunteers, Anne has spearheaded the effort to raise nearly $500,000 for non-profits.

Anne’s decisive insights paired with her honest and frank conversational style have rendered her as popular with clients as the results she produces on their behalf.

Anne Mayfield, MBA

Kathryn A. Carswell

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Kathryn (Katie) Carswell has been Project Manager for Mayfield Consulting since 1993. With over 25 years of sales, marketing and sales operations experience, she manages the operations of most MC projects and maintains special expertise in B2B Sales Management and Sales Operations.

Katie received her BS from The University of Southern California (1981) with a major in Business Marketing. She also was Manager of Industry Marketing and held numerous other positions for GTE from 1982 to 1993. As a GTE Sales Operations and Sales Manager, she defined and created the sales process and practices that were required in a number of industries. And she was a member of the Sales Winner Circle for five years.

Kathryn A. Carswell

Kathleen Hannon


A published fiction author and former Hollywood media executive of Castle Rock Entertainment, Universal Studios and TriStar Pictures, Kathleen utilizes her creativity and narrative storytelling skills to assist B2B companies with their communications efforts. From branding to brochures, press to public relations, content marketing to compliance, Kathleen has proven effective at shaping and relaying a client’s information to their customers to best advantage. 

In addition to her fiction work, Kathleen routinely ghostwrites and publishes articles for CEOs and CFOs in multiple trade journals, including American Metals Market, SDM Magazine, Swimming World, Security Dealer & Integrator and QSRWeb.

Kathleen has a B.A. from James Madison University and has studied abroad at the University of London and the Herzen Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Kathleen Hannon

Dori Eldridge

Senior Associate

Dori Eldridge brings 18 years of digital marketing experience to her clients’ projects, combining her expertise, content creation skills, and creative thinking with social media strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to guide organizations to business growth. Her diverse marketing background gives her added insight into how marketing strategies can work cohesively across many channels to produce the strongest, most cost-effective results. 

Her digital marketing career path has taken her through LexisNexis, GE Healthcare, L’Oréal, and the Rockefeller Group, giving her the opportunity to learn how core marketing strategies can be adapted to many different kinds of markets at many different budgets.

Dori has a B.A. in English Literature from James Madison University, where she was a radio DJ when she wasn’t writing papers. She also spent a semester in London studying art, architecture, and (mostly) the music scene.

Dori Eldridge

Dr. George Sacerdote

Marketing and Business Operations Expert

George Sacerdote’s work focuses on market strategy and business operations for global companies serving business to business markets. His specialty is developing growth strategies and improving business effectiveness and efficiency. He helped one of the largest software companies in the world make rapid changes to a newly launched product that was having difficulty gaining traction. The product has since exceeded sales targets for the past two years. He further assisted several companies develop a global market strategy for business units serving commodities and fixed-income investors and traders. Those companies have since been acquired by one of the largest suppliers in the world.

Formerly with Mercer Management and Arthur D. Little, George received an S.B. from M.I.T. and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.  He held post-doctoral appointments at the University of Oxford and Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study. He has served on the Board of Directors of Time Warner Telecommunications, Inc, a CLEC; Decision Resources Corp, and A.D. Little Enterprises. He is fluent in English, Italian, French, and German.


Mayfield Consulting associates are highly qualified and have worked in senior positions with companies such as Apple Computer, Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., First Union, IBM, Micro-bilt, Price Waterhouse, Sandoz Chemicals, Tivoli Systems, Vision Cable, etc. Our associates are highly focused and motivated, and enjoy the workplace flexibility and intellectual challenges that Mayfield Consulting provides.

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