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Press and Public Relations

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren Buffett

A Solid Public Relations Strategy

How can image enhance your brand? Your sales? A solid public relations strategy can:

  • Be critical to marketing, sales and even compliance campaigns
  • Build brand awareness without costly ads
  • Strengthen SEO so prospects find you online
  • Put you in the spotlight you deserve
  • Help with a PR crisis 

Our Press and Public Relations success comes down to two differentiators:

Our Narrative Storytelling Technique

Good stories are easy to remember. That’s why we use a Narrative Storytelling Technique in designing a press and public relations strategy.

Write Your Story Feb 2018A Narrative Technique involves discussing your goals and your challenges before we begin. We will then utilize these to “humanize” your business so every release, media appearance, or award becomes a chapter in your story, rather than a stand-alone entity. You are always the protagonist.

By utilizing this technique, editors, producers, investors and prospects recall your history more easily, and become emotionally engaged in your success.

Vetted Professionals

We hire only published professional authors to draft and/or ghostwrite your communications, and senior PR representatives to book or engage radio, t.v. or speaking engagements.

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