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Due Diligence

Prior to investment, we routinely perform confidential and unbiased sales and marketing due diligence of the Investment Thesis. After investment, we help portfolio companies meet and exceed their stretch revenue goals.

Prior to Investment

As an investor, perhaps you need insightful feedback regarding:

  • Strength and stability of customer base or distribution channels
  • Viability of the revenue growth strategy
  • Target markets or channels of future interest
  • "Sink or Swim" industry trends

Our Conversational Interviewing Technique is uniquely capable of helping you discover:

  • Industry landscape and risk
  • Concerns about brand strength, product safety, logistics, compliance
  • Motivating factors

We appreciate Due Diligence is time critical. And we deliver. That's why private equity clients come back to us, time and again.

Post Investment

When you need help with:

  • Assessing a portfolio company's sales effectiveness
  • Developing a Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Reorienting the selling process or resources
  • Testing out new revenue strategies or channels
  • Effective use of PR and Awards for name recognition and to produce revenue 
  • Developing scintillating blogs or social media campaigns
  • Investigating or testing out your plans for additional revenue
  • Producing PR and Awards

We've got the experience and the team you need. Call us today.

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