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Market Research

All good answers to tough sales and marketing questions begin with data.

Market Feedback is Critical

When you are deliberating how to:

  • Retain current customers/increase their purchases
  • Target new customers and/or markets
  • Implement digital marketing and demand generation
  • Gauge the impact of industry trends/purchasing patterns/competition
  • Implement new distribution strategies

A good Market Research study can pave the way with new, actionable information or assist with getting an entire management team to coalesce around a new market-oriented strategy.

And we always find leads!!!

In-depth Interviewing

The Mayfield Market Research Difference exists in our qualitative, in-depth interviewing technique. We:

  • Host in-depth conversations with your customers and prospects that give you "the why" behind their decision-making criteria and process.
  • Provide insight that you can apply to high dollar, high risk investments.
  • Employ business-savvy pros that are:
    • Personable business professionals with a minimum of 20 years in the field
    • Savvy at asking open-ended questions
    • Capable of maintaining an intelligent conversation with a CEO

Respondents typically discuss issues they have always wanted to express, but never found an opening. It is often amazing what people tell us.

Small qualitative samples allow for confident decision-making

We can also draw on a larger sample with internet-based surveys when you have multiple segments that need to be covered.


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